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Is your clean home or business making you sick? If so it can be from hidden things you can not see inside your HVAC System. refers to possible illnesses like (SHS) Sick home syndrome or (SBS) Sick Building Syndrome which can contaminate the indoor air quality in your home and may be the reason why you feel ill.


Sick House Syndrome: Tips to Avoid Toxins Build Up

Do you have a sick house? Lead paint, pesticides, and pollution can contribute to sick house syndrome. Here are 10 things you can do to keep your house, and you, he...

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A lot of us work and live in an enclosed space. Without the proper ventilation, the air you breathe becomes stagnant and you will continue to circulate the same stagnant air. Air tight homes or small cubicles you're confined to at work can be a big problem for your indoor quality.

A perfect example of this effect would be when someone uses a porta potty. You're breathing a very confined amount of air without proper circulation, which compromises your indoor quality, especially if a lot of people are adding to the contamination. If you're a homeowner who thinks you are safe from contaminated air because you have air tight doors and triple pane windows, think again. Your HVAC system will continually circulate contaminated air throughout your home which not only contaminates your ventilation systems, but can also contaminate the very air you breathe.

This is where Heaven Bound Dryer Vent comes in. As an Indoor Air quality specialist we follow a strict multi step decontamination process created by NADCA (The National Air Duct Cleaning Association) to purify your HVAC Unit and provide your lungs with healthy clean air. Here is a helpful link to answer any questions you may have:


We document every job with either video or photography. We have hundreds of before and after pictures to show you what types of cleanings we have run across in the past. We have a unique dryer vent cleaning system which leaves your dryer vent spotless. We do not use the do it yourself kits like the other so called untrained duct cleaning companies do, charging their clients half the price and performing 25% of the services we offer. We clean 100% of the line and clean up any mess we made in the process. We carry a C.D.E.T. (Certified Dryer Exhaust Technician) certificate and are endorsed by O.C.F.A. and no other local company can make that claim. To show our customers we believe in the work we perform we also offer a 90 day warranty which is not offered by any other company.

We are a family owned and operated business which does not offer cheap coupons and 40% off specials. All of our prices are on our website for everyone to see. We have no problem giving quotes over the phone, so when we give a discount, it is a real discount, not just some fake promotional price like most other companies in the industry provide.


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