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Area Rug Cleaning

We also specialize in cleaning services for hard to clean fabrics made out of silk, cotton, wool, tapestries, and any other natural or synthetic fiber. No matter what your area rug is made of, we carry the training to assure a proper area rug cleaning.

Area Rug Cleaning is a very delicate process, we can clean it on site if the conditions are right, but we suggest a thorough cleaning in our cleaning facility. We will clean every square inch of your area rug by hand to ensure a complete cleaning.
We have over 30 years in the cleaning industry and are certified to properly clean your valuable and delicate area rugs. 90% of Carpet Cleaners do not know how to properly clean an area rug, They will use Steam cleaning with harsh chemicals that will permanently damage your Area Rug. We use only the proper detergents needed to clean your items correctly.
We also offer permanent fabric protection. Ask us for a free demonstration.


Rug Cleaning