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Our Process

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Some may ask "why clean something you can't see?" The answer is simple, because what you can't see can hurt you.

(NAF) Negative Air Flow Must be done to insure a proper and complete Air Duct Cleaning

NAF is a process where we will reverse the polarity of the air flow in your system while we do the Air Duct cleaning. The (NAF) will remove any hidden particulates hidden in your system that will aggravate your Allergies. We will decontaminate the entire system of all pollutants such as Dust,Debris,pet and people dander

  • Sanitize and disinfect each duct.
  • Open the intake air return and vacuum out any debris we find, then scraping any unwanted things left behind that is unwanted in your Air Intake System. We will then sanitize, disinfect, and seal your intake.
  • Placing new filters in all intake areas cleaned
  • ```````````````````````````````
  • Optional services:
    • Furnace cleaning. Remove and clean blower motor when necessary: Leaving you with a completely clean and decontaminated system. $125.00 to $250.00 (Depending on Contamination)
    • Electrostatic air filters with lifetime warranty: prices vary depending on size of intake opening.
    • We also recommend Lysol air Filters in your intake to give your home an Asthma and Allergy free rating